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 Joe - is an Eastern Grey Kangaroo. He was found on the road side in his mothers pouch after she was hit by a car. He came into care weighing approximately 600grams. In this picture he is over 5kg. Joe loved his pouch and finally at around 6 kgs gave it up. He also loved to drink his milk (special milk for Macropods - NOT Cows  Milk)                              

Joe was released with approximately 8 other Kangeroos at a special release site.  

Every season we receive many calls for Kangaroos that have been hit by a cars or the Joey is found wandering along the road.

The best thing you can do for a Joey is to keep them quiet in a pillow case, jumper, or blanket and contact a wildlife carer to collect them as soon as possible.

Eastern Greys are extremely stressfull animals.

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