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Wildlife Welfare Carers Inc. Covers Darling Downs and surrounding areas
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 Red Neck Wallabies

Some items you can donate to help carers.

Blankets, Sheets, Flannelette, Fleece Materials, Towels, Sheepskin, Woollen Knits, old Quilts,                                                Wombaroo:- Insectivore, Grainivore, & other mixes,                         Di-Vetalact Milk Powder,                                                       Betadine/Vetadine, Gloves, (latex & industrial)                          Glucose powder,                                                                         ‘Cosy’ brand heat pads,                                                             Meat, Small Carnivore mix,                                                    Working Horse mix, chaff, hay, etc.                                              Wild Bird seed mix,                                                          Mealworms, Frozen mice, blossom nectar,                                Calcium sandoz syrup,                                                                 Vet wrap, bandages, scissors, syringes, needles 25g, 18g, 22g,    Scalpel blades,                                                                        Latex (we make our own teats),                                    Pliers,                                                                                    Spray bottles,                                                                    Rybena,                                                                             Materials to build fences, Mesh (in all sizes), Shade cloth, posts, steel, star pickets, etc. 

Fuel vouchers to help us travel to the rescues – often we travel within a 100km radius due to lack of available carers.   

Any Volunteers that would be willing or able to sew pouches, assist with building enclosures, help with fundraising, or be on call to collect injured or orphaned animals and deliver to carers in the area,

Old Pillow Cases- for pouches for joeys, possums etc. and to assist in rescue and safe transport of snakes, lizards, turtles, birds etc.

Old Baby Blankets for keeping rescues warm.

Money donations

Old avairies or cages

We are also in desperate need of people who are able to collect animals from vets surgeries, people who call us and off the road etc. quickly, and then drop to a central point or provide emergency care,

If you have something that you think could be of use please contact Sonya.

We apprecate all donations 

Thank you for helping.





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